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FOGG (Friendly Ogg) is a free and user friendly wrapper for the Ogg Vorbis encoding library libvorbisenc. It was developed as part of the Wheels Of Steel project to allow Ogg Vorbis encoding from C#.

The API is a small set of C functions, exported from a dynamic library. Windows and Linux versions of the library are provided as fogg.dll and fogg.so respectively. Bindings for C# and Java are also provided.

The FOGG binaries, API and source code will be downloadable from the Wheels of Steel download page, when the Linux versions are complete. The as yet incomplete documentation for FOGG is available here.

The following example in C# shows how simple it is to create an encoded Ogg Vorbis stream using FOGG:

Fogg.Encoder encoder = new Fogg.Encoder();
encoder.StreamCreate(2, 44100, 0.6);
encoder.StreamAddTag("ARTIST", "Bob Dylan");
encoder.StreamWrite(buffer, 1024, Fogg.SampleFormat.PCM16);