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Wheels of Steel is an audio sequencer, designed for mixing files such as MP3s and OGGs. It uses a timeline layout to allow you to sequence any number of files in any number of channels. Mixing is done accurately at sample level. It's main features are:

  • Convenient collection and timeline views with waveform previews
  • Input support for all audio files supported by FMOD
  • Export to OGG and WAV
  • Volume envelopes
  • Track list generation
  • Simple XML based file formats

Currently development is at pre-alpha stage, with several areas of program functionality still not completed. A beta release should be expected about Feb 2006.

It runs on Windows or Linux, and requires .NET 1.1 (works with Mono on Linux), GTK# for the GUI and FMOD for sound I/O.

See the SourceForge project page for more details.